Wednesday Folder Stuffing

PTA would like to thank those who have volunteered so far this year with Wednesday folders. This task is a HUGE help to our teachers and a necessary way to get information out to all parents. Volunteering to help is easy. Wednesday folders are stuffed each week starting at 1pm. The folders will be located just inside the teacher's door. You are responsible for all the teachers in the grade unless otherwise noted on the sign up sheet.

In order to conserve paper, we use a Youngest Only (YO) system. YOUNGEST student in the family or the ONLY student in the family. We call this YO – Youngest/Only. That means flyers marked with a YO sticker only go in folders with a YO sticker.


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First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade:
Does their own folder stuffing

Sixth Grade

Rider of the Week Help

The Rider of the Week Help assists the Evans' office staff every Friday (or Thursday as the school schedule dictates) during Rider of the Week. Your job is to greet visitors and make sure that everyone is either on the list or signs in with the front desk. Helpers should plan to arrive by 7:30 am and you will be done just after the tardy bell rings at 7:50 am.

April & May Sign-Up:

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Copy Volunteer

Thank you for helping to make copies. This is an easy job that benefits the teachers and staff. If you need a little copier 101, please don't hesitate to ask.

Here how it works:

  • The staff fills out a copy request form and attaches it to what needs copying and places it in a bucket.
  • There is a shelf with buckets for each day. You will make copies from the bucket for your sign-up day.
  • You will put your name and the date at the bottom of the copy request form. Then place the copies and the originals on that teachers shelf.
  • When the bucket is empty, you are done. If there are more requests than time to complete, simply move those requests to the next day

The staff also needs help with laminating/cutting. It is located in a separate bucket. There is a separate slot on the sign-up but feel free to work on those requests as well.

Please sign up even if you can only volunteer for a portion of the time slot. Any help is appreciated.


April & May Sign-Up:

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